Climate Change, Refugees and the Birth of a New Race

Infinal cover-page-001 (1) a world transformed by climate change, heroes struggle against impossible odds to preserve the land, and those whom they love. Scotland has become a war zone. City gangs battle homesteaders for food supplies. An unstoppable plague kills one in ten. A new race is born, the Lupans: golden-eyed and wild, they reject their mothers and live apart, speaking no recognizable language. Alienated from society, they are even hunted for sport. For thirty years Linella Sienkiewicz has taken in climate refugees. She has protected Lupans from captivity and death. But the Scottish government, responding to public xenophobia, plans to imprison the refugees and destroy the Lupan colony. The only man who can help her is Scott Maguire, a lawyer on the run. Infected by plague he has taken shelter among the Lupans. He discovers a fascinating and impenetrable society, destined to take up the evolutionary torch from the human race. Even as he is healed and transformed by living with them, he uncovers a secret that could spell salvation for humanity – but at a terrible cost. Against impossible odds, Scott and Linella must stop the approaching army. If the Lupans are destroyed the last hope for the survival of the human race will be gone.

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Life without Death? The Choice is Ours — If we want it

“Immortal a1593300069liens aren’t like us. You’ll go mad trying to live among them.” Two men seek an immortality machine in a strange world of youthful aliens immune to the deterioration of endless years. But their discovery of immortality will destroy the alien world, and their own humanity. Their quest takes them through a world of amazing technology, bizarre sports, political intrigues and a labyrinth full of violent androids. An adventure through a forbidden culture to discover the very nature of life and death.

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