Excerpts from Letters to a Friend

Between 1967 and 1973, Andrew corresponded regularly with a close friend with whom he shared his insights, visions and teaching. Many letters run to several pages. While I am not at liberty to publish the entire correspondence, I am able to publish excerpts that relate to his teaching.Much of this material is not present in talks or publications that have survived.

Letter9/3/1967  — On the Theology of the Created Worlds and Man

The recipient asks Andrew Glazewski how the Spiritual Science of Rudolf Steiner fits with his world view.

To start with, Steiner is quite close to my way of thinking, though we differ in some points. However this does not mean that I wish to diminish his points, for they are absolutely magnificent. What I’m doing is to add something yet to his views. You see, for me there are in general three planes to the universe; so there are also in theology.

1/ The material world, created; the lower one. Then comes 2/ the spiritual worlds but created too, encompassing all spirits together, whatever they may be — high or low in their plane (of spiritual nature). And finally there is 3/ God — the uncreated Spirit being distinguished from “2” by the very fact of being uncreated. That is, it has never accepted existence for it is itself “The Existence in itself” (I am who I am) whereas all other spirits have accepted existence by creation. So He is above all creation, above all nature as created, and therefore he is Super-nature, Uncreated Being, having existence from Himself, whereas all other spirits have received their existence from Him.(Click here for the full article)

Letter11/4/1967                          On the Angelic Hierarchies 

Andrew discusses the different hierarchies of angels, the vision of angels with super sensible-vision, angelic languages and communication, the role of the archangel Michael and meditation.

I just wrote to B— , from whom I got a letter, and suddenly realized more explicitly, so to speak, that on the Earthly globe there are all sorts of points. Points of power, mercy, love, understanding, intellectual grasping, expansion etc…You know what I mean.  Talland Bay, where I took B—- is for me a point of peace, soothing serenity, calm, the same as the Scillies. Attingham has a point for intellectual insight and expansion of it. At Glastonbury there is something of an organizing spirit. And so we can go on and on. (Click here for the entire text)


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