“You are not your body. Your body is only a radio transmitter. You are not the radio but the Radio waves that exist far outside the body, the field that surrounds the body.” HU xii

“I am quite sure of these three things. That everybody can cure., that there is a field medicine, and that you can go into quite a different world when you start to live in the world of proportions, when you meet the world of the subconscious and overconscious mind.” HU 15

“Angels are not winged creatures with nice faces. They are certain patterns of proportions; intellectual patterns that are self-conscious as we are self-conscious. Just that we have a body, neck and head and they haven’t got them.” HU 17

“A serving spirit (angel) needs a willingness to co-operate with somebody else, not only with somebody else but with the whole universe. Because it grasps the harmony of the universe as something that fits in with them, which will enlarge their consciousness and will bring them an infinite possibility of joy.”  HU 20

“Whatever happens in us is only a manifestation of God’s power. God Himself as an uncreated being is above all nature and we through Grace can participate in this tremendous privilege of being created; existing by adoption.”  HU 25

“Our repeated mistake is visualizing ourselves as being inside the body and thinking inside the brain. We have to learn to visualize ourselves as a field covering tremendous spaces, where there is perfect knowledge and communion with God.” HU 62

“You understand why they call God, Nirvana. It is not “nothing”. It is complete silence where you are absolutely nothing in comparison with him.” (Meditation, HU 62)

“If tones are not properly and proportionately related, then they produce a noise, but when the proportionality is preserved, then our ear appreciates it, and it appeals to us as music.” Music of Crystals – HU 119

“Love is resonance. Being in resonance…meaning that my whole essence is one with the tune…Therefore with any man who loves a woman or a woman who loves a man, they usually grow better and not worse. If they are in perfect resonance.”  HU 52

“You won’t find one place in the gospels where Jesus tells you that you have to add pains to your everyday experience. He says that you have to meet the pains, but never add to them..” HU 158

“Years ago I used to yap to myself in different prayers until the Good Lord told me, ‘Now look old chap, who is master? You or me? You want to teach me or do you want to listen to what I have to say? So will you please shut up.’”  The Art of Listening, 1973.

“If you are able to listen to the sounds of nature for five seconds without talking to yourself, you will have achieved a tremendous thing.” The Art of Listening, 1973.

“I know that when Christ lain-one lands and cured, it was nothing to do with some sort of miraculous business, because Grace never destroys nature but builds upon nature.”  Science Behind Healing HU 8

“Faith is a rational business. Not irrational, out of the blue. God has given you and me and all others a reasoning ability, so all our beliefs must be reasonable things.” Science Behind Healing HU 8







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