The Art of Listening


Talk at Hawkwood College Nov 6, 1973 by Andrew Glazewski

This course is about how to expand your consciousness, to develop your inner sensitivity, which we have for many years been trying to kill. So a course like this must be of necessity very preliminary, a very primary one, a bit like prep school which you start when you are five and finish when you are seven. Then you might have a period of a year or so of practical training. Then if you want to join the next course which will be on a higher level, to the 11 plus. Then you go from the 11 plus to O level and A level, and then to university. Then when you have a degree you yourself start to teach.  It’s really a wonderful thing when you start to do this. A new world opens.

Now I know how eager you are for spiritual development but you must realize that in starting a course like this, or a sequence of courses, you must do it with very pure motives. A lot of people will go to a course like this out of curiosity, and don’t realize the dangers to which they expose themselves. (Click here for full article)

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