Andrew Glazewski

In these pages you’ll find unpublished talks by Andrew Glazewski,  excerpts from letters and short quotes.  Most of this material came to me after “Harmony of the Universe” went to press, and may be included in a future book.



Excerpts from Letters to a Friend

Harmony of the Universe — Reviews 


The Art of Listening 



These audio presentations were recovered from cassette tapes over 40 years old, that were barely understandable. Digital processing has somewhat improved their clarity. Though words get occasionally lost, Andrew’s passion nevertheless comes through.

On Prayer — Isles of Scilly, 1972  The last recorded talk that has survived was given to a campfire audience. For Andrew, prayer represents an intimate, experiential relationship to the all-pervading Divine light and love, something that every person can practise. Tape is available courtesy of Ewa Stacewicz.

The Science behind Healing In a talk to Edinburgh University students, given in 1968, Andrew reveals how he discovered that he was able to heal. He describes the nature of the human field and how it is utilized by a healer.

The Mechanics of Prayer  What is the nature of prayer? How can we overcome our inner resistance to prayer? Prayer involves not just an effort on the part of our conscious self, but a relationship with our unconscious, and with our overconscious self.

Angels “Angels are not winged creatures with nice faces. They are certain patterns of proportions; intellectual patterns that are self-conscious as we are self-conscious. Just that we have a body, neck and head and they haven’t got them.”





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  1. A New Suspension of the Magnetic Needle”depicts an identifier he worked to gauge the Earth’s vertical current, and information he assembled utilizing this locator. He likewise builds up his speculation that a bar magnet has extra posts, East-West shafts. For the duration of his life he educated the Psycho-Physical Healing strategy that he had built up, a forerunner to non-contact mending strategies, for example, Therapeutic Touch.He clarified the material science behind the recuperating system in his paper to the London Hospital Gazette

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