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THOSE WERE THE DAYS…THESE ARE THE DAYS… A REBIRTH Review by Mirek Malevski, Nowy Czas, April 2014.

…The Easter story of Fawley Court’s and Polonia’s inspiring priest, mystic and spiritualist, Father Andrzej Glazewski (or in English – Fr. ”Glass of Whisky”). “Harmony of the Universe – The Science behind Healing, Prayer and Spiritual Development” – a rare, much needed book on Fr Glazewski’s teachings by Old Boy Pawel (Paul) Kieniewicz.

Divine Mercy College, (Kolegium Bozego Milosierdzia), was helped put on it’s feet by Rector Andrzej Janicki. A hero of the Warsaw Uprising, Father Janicki was one of the most decent, intelligent, original – albeit at times mysterious – and disciplined of Polish Roman Catholic priests one could hope to meet. He had a very good friend. Also an Andrzej (or Andre), Father Głażewski. He too was a war veteran. Together, the two priests Andrzej’s, made for an inspirational Easter (rekolekcje) retreat at Fawley Court.(Click here for the full article)

Steve Taylor PhD, author of Back to Sanity and Waking From Sleep. 

“A remarkable and fascinating book. I had never heard of Andrew Glazewski before I came upon this book, but now see him as one of the most intriguing and significant esoteric teachers of the 20th century. He had a rare combination of deep spiritual awareness and a sharp scientific intellect which led to many great insights about human life and the universe.”

Anthony Peake, author of The Daemon, The Infinite Mindfield and A Life of Philip K Dick

” I really would have loved to have met Andrew Glazewski. What a great thinker and teacher. There are quite a few areas of his philosophy that resonates with my own, specifically his ideas on “inner light” which I discuss in detail in my last book, “The Infinite Mindfield” and his concept of the “overself” which mirrors my concept of The Daemon. Indeed, like me, he draws upon the teachings of the Kahuna”. A great book.”



BOOK REVIEW By David Lorimer

Published in the Network Review , Summer 2014 edition, of the Scientific and Medical Network.

Click here for the complete review





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