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Paul Kieniewicz, BSc and MA (Astronomy): UCLA, MSc (Geophysics): UC Santa Barbara, has  taught  courses in astronomy, geology, philosophy and physics. A specialist in the Earth’s gravity and magnetic fields, he has worked for 20 years on many continents as a geophysicist in oil and gas exploration. He lives in Aberdeenshire on 4 acres which he is transforming into a bio-diverse garden, and conducts astronomy meetings for the Dark Sky Project in the Cabrach. Other interests are the Gaia Theory, Consciousness Studies and Gnostic Christianity. He is the co-author (with Andrew Glazewski) of  Harmony of the Universe and science fiction novels Gaia’s Children and Immortality Machine.

                  Gaia’s Children — Buy Kindle Edition now

 Aberdeenshire 2050 — In a world transformed by climate change, Scotland has become a war zone. City gangs battle homesteaders for food supplies. An unstoppable plague kills one in ten. A new race is born: golden-eyed and wild, they reject their mothers and live apart, speaking no recognizable language. Alienated from society, lupans are even hunted for sport.

For thirty years Linella Sienkiewicz has taken in climate refugees. She has protected lupans from captivity and death. But the Scottish government, responding to public xenophobia, plans to imprison the refugees and destroy the lupan colony. The only man who can help her is Scott Maguire, a lawyer on the run. 

    Immortality Machine

  Two men seek an immortality machine in an alien world. But their discovery of immortality will destroy their own humanity. Their quest takes them through a world of machines activated by sound, bizarre sports and a labyrinth of violent androids.

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One thought on “About Paul Kieniewicz

  1. Hello Paul! I don\\’t know if you remember me, but I hope you do. You taught physics and astronomy at Ventura College in the early 1980\\’s, and I was one of your students. I believe you were living at 501 N Signal in Ojai at the time. You and I had gone to a star party in the parking lot at Thacher School in the east Ojai valley. You had ground a 6\” mirror for the telescope you brought had I my 8\” Newtonian. It was a fun night. The last time I spoke to you, I think you said you were thinking of becoming a petroleum engineer and moving to Texas. Anyhow, I have fond memories of the 2 semesters of physics I took with you. I learned a lot, never forgot you and even remembered how to spell you last name! Hah! It looks like you\\’ve accomplished a lot in your life. Well done my man! I\\’ve been working for Amgen for the past 20 years, still live in Ventura and will be retiring in two months on December 2nd when I\\’ll be 67. I hope you can find time to write because it would be great to hear from you. Have a great day Paul! — John Byhoffer

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