Global Warming — Links


The web is saturated with conflicting information and strongly held opinions on global warming. The most reliable websites I have found, from a scientific standpoint,  are the following:

RealClimate  (Moderator, Gavin Schmidt a climate scientist who works for NASA)

A very technical site with debate between scientists well versed in climate science. You’ll need some scientific background to appreciate many of the arguments.

Skeptical Science (Moderator John Cook)

Also technical, but more accessible. Its aim appears to be specifically to combat misinformation about climate science. Both websites have articles and resources and are well moderated for scientific accuracy.

For a layperson’s perspective including short, up to date news relating to global warming try A Few Things Ill Considered

Science Daily is an online science news service with well written articles on all scientific subjects, and a substantial section on climate science. They usually include references to peer-reviewed journals.

See also  various blogs writing about climate change..


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