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 I have been privileged to edit and present for publication the talks and writings of a close friend, Andrew Glazewski     

Andrew Glazewski (1905-1973) was a physicist, a healer, mystic, priest and charismatic speaker. Born in Poland, he settled in Britain in 1947 after serving as chaplain to the Polish forces during World War II. For twenty five years he was parish priest at Ilford Park, a settlement of Polish exiles in South Devon.  His published papers examine the nature of gravity, the human field, the Earth’s magnetism, the mechanics of prayer and the theory and the practice of healing. A close associate of Sir George Trevelyan, he was influential in the founding of the Scientific and Medical Network. His teachings are a unique blend of theology and science, imparting a spiritual vision accessible to all.

Harmony of the Universe takes us on a journey to the heart of nature where we find music, mathematical proportions, and the fields that organize all living processes. Andrew Glazewski, Poland’s much loved scientist, mystic and priest explores the science behind healing, the fields of crystals, plants and human beings, and how those fields determine our physical well-being. How we can use our hands to heal.  By removing our self-imposed psychological blocks we can become aware of our field and increase our sensitivity to spiritual worlds. He offers practical techniques for prayer and meditation to enhance our spiritual life, ultimately to know our Divine nature.

“…. one of the most intriguing and significant esoteric teachers of the 20th century. He had a rare combination of deep spiritual awareness and a sharp scientific intellect which led to many great insights about human life and the universe.” Steve Taylor PhD, author of Back to Sanity and Waking From Sleep. 

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  1. I have read the first 22 chapters now and I am really enjoying the new book. It is a very good read, a “page turner” as they say, but it is more than that. It is a consciousness raising read.

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